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Autojack ECO TIG Welder MMA Inverter DC AC Dual Purpose 160 AMP

Product Code: AUT01047
Brand: Autojack
Barcode: 5060504001809
Category: Automotive, Generators & Welders, Welding
Ampage: 160 Amp
Voltage: 240V
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The Autojack ECOTIG-160 inverter DC welding machine is a dual purpose machine which allows the user to do both gas TIG welding and also MMA welding. This unit uses an arc that is produced by a tungsten electrode and work piece to melt metal. The arc is produced by inert gas (argon). This welding machine can be widely used in all kinds of low-carbon steel, medium-carbon steel, high-carbon steel, stainless steel, copper, nickel, Cr-Mo, alloy steel metals. The welding machine is mainly used for inert gas (argon) shielded welding. The advantage is high efficiency, energy conservation, arc penetration, small welding deformation.
Powered by a 230v 16amp supply (plug not included) and only weighing 7kg, this welder is lightweight and portable making it ideal for both the hobbyist and professional alike.

  • £219.99